Print Media Citations


In addition to the citations of my research in newspapers, magazines, and blogs (which are found on my publications page), I am often quoted in the print media as well.  The most recent ones (and a few of the older ones) are listed below.


     *9/23/14, article on taxes and growth in metro areas cited by Heartland Institute article on taxes.

     *7/22/14, interviewed by Jennifer Booth Reed, Gulfshore Business magazine, on the economic impact of the performing arts industry in SW Florida.  The article appeared in the September issue.

     *4/10/14, interviewed by Jean Gruss, Editor, Lee-Collier for (Florida) Business Observer, on taxes and business relocations.  The article appeared on May 9.

     *3/24/14, article on mortgage interest deduction cited by Reason Magazine "Hit and Run" blog.